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Check: Yes

Payoneer: Yes

IFrames: Yes

Live Feeds: Yes

Banners: Yes

Messenger: Yes

Pay Per Signup: Yes

Revshare: Yes

RSS: Yes

XML: Yes

White Labels: Yes

Mobile: Yes

Webcams: Yes

Referral Program: Yes

Pay Period: 2 Weeks


Promo Tools

If you’re tired of trying to promote webcam affiliate programs, with blogs or custom websites, our friends at PussyCash have created WebcamWiz, a white label network offering some of the best payouts and bonuses in the industry.

We at ILPP have worked with many other affiliate programs that offer white labels, but WebcamWiz has been able to out perform all of the others combined. As they are backed by PussyCash, its obviously that their webcam performer database is filled with quality performers in every niche. The white labels are reasonably customizable and quite easy to set up. Setting up a white label with WebcamWiz then allows you focus on the important things, like building traffic and sending them to your own customized webcam site.

You can also rest assured that you will get your money. In over a year and a half of using their system, we’ve been paid on time and without issue to our Payoneer account.

So if you’re interested in promoting webcams, WebcamWiz is a great place to start to build your empire or get your feet wet and start making some money.


Let our community know how this affiliate has worked for you. Success or failure, everyone wants to know, but please quanitify with substancial evidence of your effort in promotion, because no one wants to hear from a whiner that put in 0% effort and wanted 200% returns.  Thanks!

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